Who’s In Charge of the Christian Blogosphere?

in 2017 Christian Today Blogger asked “Who’s In Charge of the Christian Blogosphere?”

The rise of the blogosphere in the early 2000s yielded the genre of the “spiritual blogger.” From the comfort of their living rooms, lay people suddenly became household names, wielding influence over tens of thousands of followers. A new kind of Christian celebrity—and authority—was born: the speaker and author who comes to us (often virtually) as a seemingly autonomous voice, disembedded from any larger institution or ecclesial structure.

Godinterest has given occasion to a whole new set of conversations about Christianity in public life and represents a tremendous opportunity for publication, discussion, cross-fertilization, and critique of a kind never seen before. In principle, at least, the Internet offers an opportunity to break down old barriers and engender new communities.

“The Purpose at Hand Is to Foster a More Self-Reflective, Collaborative, and Mutually-Aware Christian Blogosphere.”

Savvy Godinterest users have available to them the means to develop a quite sophisticated picture of their readership. So what is missing, perhaps the following?

“The Spiritual Wisdom and Religious Insights of the Bloggers That Currently Use Godinterest Continues to Provide the Life’s Blood of the Site.”

It should be evident by now that the Christian blogosphere is no unified thing, However, with its ease of access, the Godinterest certainly offers the means for under-represented voices to find a public voice. With greater flexibility, Godinterest offers the opportunity for a renaissance in serious Christian social media coverage.

Is there really a Christian Blogosphere?

The very idea of a Chrsitian blogosphere – a network of blogs devoted to discussing the place of Christianity in public life – is in essence what Godinterest is becoming.

The community at Godinterest represents the possibility of a common conversation among a diverse set of voices. Godinterest allows for far more cross-fertilization among far-flung communities than currently exists, and a wider variety of Christian bloggers will  no doubt benefit from being in closer proximity to one another which will inadvertently facilitate interaction.

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