What Would Jesus Do? Do You Really Want to Know?

Once upon a time, a mother made her son a wristband. On it was written: WWJD? The phrase “What would Jesus do?” (often abbreviated to WWJD) became popular in the United States in the 1990s and as a personal motto for adherents of Evangelical Christianity who used the phrase as a reminder of their belief in a moral imperative to act in a manner that would demonstrate the love of Jesus through the actions of the adherents.

The WWJD movement started in 1989 when the youth group at Calvary Reformed Church in Holland, Michigan, studied Charles Sheldon’s 1896 novel, In His Steps.

But the message of wwjd should not be taken for granted due to overexposure. As simple as it seems, sometimes the question—What would Jesus do?—still leaves people wondering. However, its not hard when ones considers that Jesus said, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind. This is the first and great commandment. And the second is like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself. #Love

Little Girl Lost | Our Souls Purpose.
There once was a little girl, she was sweet and loving, the way a child is. She had blonde hair and was ever so tiny. She loved everyone she knew, she looked at the world through eyes that had not been wounded by this world. Now the teenager turns into a young woman, wife, and mother. She feels the light but she doesn’t live in the light… What would Jesus do?
Heart Touching Examples of Documentary Photography on Godinterest. What Would Jesus Do?
Mandatory Prayer to Promote Wellness.
United States Marine Corps recruits take a moment for mandatory prayer before lights out at 9:00 P.M. in Parris Island, South Carolina, January 6, 2005. Recruits go through a twelve week training program where the objective is to instill self-discipline and confidence, high moral standards, warrior spirit, basic military knowledge and individual skills, physical fitness and wellness as a way of life, respect and love of Country and Corps. Now one might be arrested for leading soldiers into prayer, however, What would Jesus do?
 #love letters

True Love Never Grows Old. We Love Seeing Old Couples. It Gives Us Hope That Love Can Still Stand the Test of Time.
How God’s Broken Through My Walls This Year Has Been All About Learning About the Character of God, and Also About the Character of Me.
Everyone has thinking patterns and world views that need adjusting; the biggest one for me this…What would Jesus do?
What Would Jesus Do? Remember the Less Fortunate This Christmas, ‘Come, You Who Are Blessed by My Father, Inherit the Kingdom Prepared for You from the Creation of the World. For I Was Hungry, and You Fed Me. I Was Thirsty, and You Gave Me a Drink. I Was a Stran.
Beyond the fad

“What would Jesus do?” is an irrelevant question for many people because they don’t know who Jesus is.  Before we can ask the question “What would Jesus do?” we must ask ourselves whether we know Jesus. Knowing Jesus begins with reading about His life, teachings and claims in the Bible.

So what would Jesus do? He would seek the Father for the strength and wisdom to embrace, restore, confront, teach, serve, and equip the people around him.

These phrase should drive us back to the gospels to take a fresh look at how Jesus lived. The fad phase of WWJD may be over, but we need to hold on to the phrase even whiles posting images on Godinterest and keep asking ourselves—What would Jesus do? It’s a great question. But remember: If you’re not sure what Jesus actually did in his life, then you’re just guessing at what he might do in yours.



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  1. Knowing Jesus and knowing God.

    How can we truly know them without constant study of the bible. That is the most important reason for study–knowing God the Father, God the Son and God the Spirit.

  2. “In His Steps”, with its motivating Scripture, I Peter 2:21, is my second favorite book, second only to the Bible. The apostle Paul also shares this motivation (Philippians 1:21, I Corinthians 11:1). I believe we can only truly imitate Christ when He dwells in our lives as Lord and King, and when we are empowered by the Spirit of God. The result is personal joy and glory to God.

  3. Regarding the soldiers: Jesus would not force them to pray – he would confront them with a problem too big for them to solve, and then give them the strength to solve it.

    Love does not force things to comply. It helps them to manifest their greatness. That was the experience of the Apostles.

    So asking “What Would Jesus Do” is one thing – acting as though you are Jesus when you don’t have the powers of Christ is quite another. Force is something used by people that imagine Jesus with their own limitations. It’s a form of hubris to say “Well, if Jesus had my limitations, what would he do?”, and then to force other people to live accordingly.

  4. So eloquently put. This is the question. We need to look deeply within ourselves and in the Bible when asking the question. It’s a GREAT movement, however it is easy to get caught up in all of the hype. I’m sure whoever started it was looking to inspire others to follow God’s lead. I am filled with gratitude that you began following my blog. That’s how I found you, thank you for your inspiration!

  5. I found a surprising amount of information on how Jesus – and the disciples lived when researching my (fictional) book series based on fact. It helped me to ‘grow’ in understanding, just writing them. (On book 3 at the moment.)

  6. Perhaps an even equally important question we should always ask ourselves in any situation or any thought in our mind, “How would the Holy Spirit have me perceive this?”

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