The pen is mightier than the sword, or so they say. We don’t know how true that is, but   we will say this: Pens are certainly a lot less intimidating. How about this next one?

A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words.

Photographs are  one of the most powerful tools of engagement online, and is rising in importance as the digital realm takes hold and more people look to online channels for browsing, shopping and socializing.  There’s something about a photograph on Godinterest, one that makes a statement or just takes your breath away with its sheer beauty. Why?

In this fast-moving world, when you have a message to convey, people hardly have to sit down and read. But if you’re able to capture the essence of what you want to say in  a  photo, you’ll  stand a better chance of capturing your target audience.  It’s true that our attention is easily distracted  by pictures. Visuals are more effective than words literally and figuratively  as  people tend to stop and look at compelling visuals.

Studies have found  that pictures facilitate the learning process, especially when it comes to and others who are mentally impaired. They have shown that  photo’s  are easier to remember and associate with facts and that they can both evoke and  are able to capture emotions that words cannot, no matter how cleverly they’re used.

In a #Warzone, a Crying Child in the Midst of All the Rubble Drives Home the Pointlessness of It All Much More Than the Harshest of Write-Ups. The Picture of a Little Baby  Praying Is Enough to Melt Even the Hardest of Hearts.

However, Most Often Though, It’s Not Just the Pictures That Make a Point. When Combined with the Best Write-Ups, Visuals to Push Home the Message in the Most Powerful Way  and  That’s How They Ought  to Be Used on #godinterest

Today Is Veterans Day, the Official Holiday in the Unitd States That Honors People Who Have Served in the U.S. Armed Forces. Here Are Nine Things You Should Know About an Oft-Overlooked Group Of#veterans.  #worship #god #jesus #christianity  #wordpress #blog  #godinteresting

Depression Is a Doosey.  a Conversation I Had with a Friend the Other Inspired This Post. Depression Runs Rampant and It’s Peculiar That So Many People Afflicted with This Ailment Are #Christians. Why Is That?

Fierce, Determined Hands.  I Could Write for a Long Time About Grief. I Have Buried Too Many People. The Scar of Grief Was First Carved by My ’ Divorce. I Was Too Young to Remember, but I Know That My Father Was There…

Mercy Defined  “I Asked for Love. I Asked for Mercy. I Asked for Patience; But You’re Already All of These Things.”


Life of a #Wannabe #Jesus. This Is How We Know #God Is ; Because Even Though We Stumble and Fall and Our Sin Causes to Cry, God Will Take Those Tears and Build a Lake for Us to Dance On.

WAIT – Shining a Light “Don’t Team up with Those Who Are Unbelievers. How Can Righteousness Be a Partner with Wickedness? How Can Light with Darkness?” – 2 Corinthians 6:14 (NLT)

Big Girls Do Cry: Your Tears Are Not a Sign of Weakness.

We  want to know from you, when you write a message, share a photo, or a video online, which do your friends and colleagues respond to more? Share your response in the comments field below, and let us  know what the most memorable picture you’ve seen online is.


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  1. goodpapa

    I am not a believer, but read your post with interest. I do believe that we live in a “connected” world and that conveying a message through picture does have impact. What saddens me is, for many, we have lost that connection with the person just beyond the screen, we prefer a text to sitting with someone and actively listening to what their saying. While I enjoyed your post and look forward to others, and recognize utilizing a play on words….for me it is always words attached to actions that speak volumes to me. Yes photographs can be powerful in their effect, but with a calloused society, over time they tune out, and no longer see that hurting child or the individual in distress, they just see a picture. Keep posting!

  2. cyndiguidry

    Loved every photo and every word! The military photo on Veterans Day touched my heart. Being a Navy Mom, I deeply appreciate Vets being recognized and this photo is amazing.

    Warmly – Cyndi