It’s Not Every Day We Share Images with Nudity, But These? We Think They’re Changing the World For Good

*Caution: There are some graphic images included in this story.

Taryn Brumfitt – body image movement

Taryn Brumfitt – body image movement “Wobbly,” “imperfect,” “stumpy,” “short,” “frumpy,” “disgusting.” are just few words women use to describe their body.

A movie about embracing our bodies has inspired a group of regional women in Geraldton to strip off and show case theirs.

The ‘Body Image Movement’ is a growing and recognised movement thanks largely to Taryn Brumfitt’s movie — ‘Embrace’.

The movie explores the social impact of body image and the epidemic of body shaming within our culture.

A group of women recently got together in Geraldton and dressed down to their underwear and posed in front of cameras in the hope to inspire and encourage others to embrace and love their bodies.

Ranging in ages and backgrounds, the group of women not only braved a cold rainy day in their underwear, but they also openly shared their stories of struggles and insecurities with their own body image.

One of the organisers of the photo shoot, Kate Tonkin said, “Even if know one sees our photos or video from today, just the conversations we’ve had among ourselves have just been amazing.

The group arranged to showcase some of the women’s stories in front of a live audience at the local cinema where the ‘Embrace’ movie was being screened.

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When Images Speak Louder than Words

When Images Speak Louder than Words