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Back in the 1970s, my took a sense of pride in being able to use her Singer sewing machine to sew the Tartan plaid school uniform skirts that my sister and I were required to wear for attendance at St. Edmund’s Parochial Elementary School. All these years later, I still remember how she would purchase special labels from Jerome’s – a fabric store on the south side of Chicago – that read special little things like, “Sewn with for you.”

Mommy obviously had a special knack and talent for selecting fabrics, laying them against precut patterns or even her own designs, pinning and cutting them out and sewing them until they became beautiful clothes that could rival the structure of many garments we see in retail stores today. Yet and still, as many hours as she spent in that back room creating everything from play clothes to school uniforms to our prom dresses, my mother seemed to never reach her apex in terms of that specific styling talent.

Therefore, if you are reading this article and something about piques your interest, perhaps you too embody a specific styling talent or possess designer skills that could be brought to the world at large and help you launch your own successful fashion career.

Even if you don’t sew your own clothes, you might have a knack for sketching designs and could potentially launch a career that allows others to do the dirty sewing work. Or, you may prefer to purchase ready made clothes from various retail locations and put them together in stunning outfits that look great on various body types. If so, thankfully you could become a stylist, and it’s a good thing that stylists are very popular these days.

The best news is that in the Information Age is quite the blessing, at least compared to what it could’ve been like as a 1950s-era housewife living in Boise, Idaho. Just imagine trying to launch a fashion career when you only have snail mail or dead or an automobile at your disposal for getting the out about your fashion. These days, you can use sites like Pinterest or even its cousin,  Godinterest, to upload photos of your own fashions or outfits that you styled to try and bring attention to your designs.

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