In the quiet, allow God to speak to you (you might want to write your thoughts down in a journal) and if you want to, let know how daily Bible and ‘ with God’ is helping to impact your .


’s really simple. What is one thing you are really grateful for? What is another? If you can list 3 things a , you’ll see you have much more going for you than you thought. Soon your list get so long you’ll be beaming with energy.

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  1. Carol Miller

    Don’t know how you found me, but I appreciate your interest. I am a sporadic blogger, usually focusing on discipleship, but occasionally wandering off to venting an opinion or two!

  2. Harley

    Hi Marion, Seriel Killer has been slacking lately on some articles to give us all a good laugh. I’ll have to talk to him about that.

  3. Marion Cheek

    Hey Harley – Godinterest grabbed me too – I’m thinking of joining. See you at “The Harley Factor” (say hi to “serial killer”). God bless

  4. PastelPoetry

    Lovely idea. Certainly needed ;) Thank You for visiting my Blog today. The “likes” were great as I’m not feeling positive right now. I always write about God, but I admit my struggle with Him is ongoing, real and valid. I’m Spiritual and believe that if you live a GOOD life and TRUST GOD, things will work out. But, please note for those who do not like the Darker side of a soul’s struggle, do not explore my Blog. It is my struggle in words and pictures and it can be disturbing. God Bless You, may you reach those that need you! And, may those that need you, find you, too. Thanks again :)