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Reviewed by Mamta Madhavan for Readers' Favorite

In His Way by Rebecca A. Duvall is an uplifting book that shows the healing power of God and the transformation in the author's personal journey by following God and doing things His way. The author shares her personal experiences with readers and makes them understand how God loves all of us and wants to have a close relationship with everyone. The author reiterates the power of God through her personal journey and instills hope in the minds of all those readers who are facing difficult times and situations in their lives. The book is honest and heartwarming, and motivates readers to transform their lives positively. The author overcoming her marital problems and completely placing her faith and trust in God is very inspirational. The writing style is simple and elegant, and can be comprehended by all. It conveys the author's perspective and views on God with clarity. The author's story is relatable and it's a book for all those readers who have gone thr