Creation Seminar 4 Lies in the Textbooks Dr. Kent Hovind (Extended Version) (
Creation Seminar 4 Lies in the Textbooks Dr. Kent Hovind

The fourth of the Creation Seminar series by Dr. Kent Hovind. This session reveals all the lies within the textbook.

Lie #1 Grand Canyon did not form millions of years ago. It was formed rapidly by a flood.

Lie #2 Geologic Column does not exist, it only exist in the book Principles of Geology by Charles Lyell. The layers were made in the flood by hydrologic sorting.

Lie #3 Fossils are dated by the Layers and Layers are dated by the Fossils, circular reasoning, is not a valid evidence for evolution and is simply flawed thinking.

Lie #4 Index fossils are not millions of years ago, some are alive today! Like the Trilobites, Graptolites and Coelacanth.

Lie #5 The layers are not different ages and are not as old as evolutionists claim it to be as proven by dinosaur blood cells in fossils, petrified trees standing through the geologic column even upside down (polystrate fossils).

Lie #6 It does not take millions and millions of years for petrification to occur.

Lie #7 Evolution (the first five forms of evolution) is a lie only micro-evolution (variation) has been scientifically proven. He explains that the word 'evolution' is vague and is subdivided into the six types of evolution: cosmic evolution, chemical evolution, stellar and planetary evolution, organic evolution, macro-evolution and micro-evolution.

Lie # 8 Mutations is not evidence for evolution or a catalyst for it. There is no such things as a good mutation, that's an oxymoron, it is always bad!

Lie #9 Natural Selection does not cause evolution. It only selects it never creates. The pepper moth deception/ hoax is one of many used to propagate this lie.

Lie #10 Homology argument is a lie. It uses comparative anatomy between species as a means to prove evolution. On the other hand, it only proves that there is a common design or intelligent design, the designer being God.

Lie #11 Evidence from the Development of animals from conception. This belief was enforced by Ernst Haeckel who created the biogenetic law. Dr. Hovind reveals that this law was a hoax and embryos do not have gills like a fish.

Lie #12 Humans are not humans at conception. This is a lie originated from the biogenetic law and embryology. This is the foundation for legalizing abortions: 1:07:47

Adolph Hitler, the Holocaust and Evolution. The fact that evolution was the basis for Hitler killing the Jews.

Lie #13 The appendix, wisdom teeth, the inside corner of the eye and tailbone (coccyx) being described as vestigial (unnecessary) are all lies. Behavioral patterns like the formation of goosebumps and reflexes like the palmar grasp reflex are also used to prove human vestigiality. All are important and serve a purpose.

Lie #14 Evolutionist use the claim that whales have a vestigial pelvis, this is false, those little bones were termed vestiges but were found to be used to aid reproduction.

Lie #15 Snakes have little claws which have been claimed to be vestigial but have been found to also aid in reproduction.

Lie #16 The eyeball is to complicated to have been a product of evolution. The design of a creation demands a designer.

Lie #17 Hair on a bacteria (flagellum) acts like a motor. It is also too complicated to even remotely be made by evolution.

Lie #18 There is no evidence that we came from primordial soup or that life came from non-living material.

Lie #19 Miller and Urey experiment failed at ever producing life, it only proved how remarkably impossible it is. Dr. Hovind explains how the experiment was a fraud and that no one has ever produced life in a laboratory. Organic evolution is false.

Lie #20 The evolutionary trees and trees of life are not science but are based on pure imagination.

Lie #21 Smaller in not simple. A 'simple cell' is an oxymoron.

Lie #22 DNA does not prove evolution and never will!

Lie #23 All life does not have a common ancestor.

Lie #24 There is no proof of evolution in fossils.

Lie #25 The evolution of the horse is fake and has been proven wrong.

Lie #26 Arranging similar animals in a certain order does not prove evolution.

Lie #27 Everything in evolution is backwards to the bible, the two don't mix. The day age theory and gap theory only discredits the Bible. Reptile to bird evolution has no evidence.

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