After years of censoring Christians online, Google is now being targeted by the Internet Freedom Watch initiative to give believers their online voice back.

The National Religious Broadcasters (NRB) launched the initiative via the website, where numerous cases are documented, such as former Gov. Mike Huckabee’s (R-Ark.) Facebook post in 2012 supporting Chick-fil-A’s pro-family stance regarding same-sex “marriage” and Twitter’s removal of an ad by Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn.), who stands for biblical morality on a number of hot issues.

GOOGLE also most recently come under fire for failing to create a ‘Google Doodle’ on its homepage to mark Easter – leaving theists raging amid accusations the tech giant “loathes” Christians.

One Twitter user said: “Google finds it in its wisdom to create #Doodles for obscure Artists’ birthdays & ‘official’ days on the Calendar that most of us have never heard of but they ‘forget’ to recognize Easter…a holiday celebrated by around 81% of adults and the UK and USA.

The conservative climate change blog Watts Up With That also posted a research report written by guest contributor Leo Goldstein of the group Defeat Climate Alarmism that analyzed certain websites’ percentage of traffic from Google based off statistics from, which provides web traffic data and analytics.

Goldstein’s report revealed that “Google Search is found to be biased in favor of left/liberal domains and against conservative domains with a confidence of 95 percent.

However, a Google spokesperson told The Christian Post via an emailed statement that Google has “never re-ranked search results to manipulate political or user sentiment.”

Furthermore, the producer of the new faith-based film ‘I’m Not Ashamed’ accused Google of having an anti-Christian bias after YouTube deleted the film’s trailer from its website  over a year ago. As a result of the removed video, YouTube told the ‘I’m Not Ashamed channel’ that it had a temporary penalty and that any other videos that go against YouTubes standards could lead to the accounts total termination.

Notwithstanding, when the Christian Institute, a UK registered a charity, asked Google for site-targeted advertising, the company refused to cite the proposed ad for “inappropriate content”

A spokesman for the Christian Institute said, “For many people, Google is the doorway to the internet. It is an influential gatekeeper to the marketplace of debate. If there is to be a free exchange of ideas then Google cannot give special free speech rights to secular groups whilst censoring religious views.”

Most recently Christians have been outraged that Google Home won’t answer questions about Jesus.

In a video watched by more than 6 million people on Facebook, Jillian Blackwell asked her Google Home device for information on a number of religious figures and concepts. It gave answers for Allah and Buddha, but stalled on the question “who is Jesus Christ?”

“My apologies – I don’t understand,” it replies. “Sorry, I don’t know how to help with that yet.

Maybe its a bad time to go after Google given that it is the most influential organization in the world. An organisation that can change the entire outcomes of elections based on an algorithm that’s been proven in scientific studies. A company with a monopoly on the internet, a company that controls to a large extent reality.  How on earth could we allow something to be so powerful and not have any rights over it?

I ask again, is Google Anti-Christian, whats your thoughts?

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