Walk in His ways (3/30)

Walk in His Ways
Trust in His Wisdom
For they are of old
The Beginning of time
Trust in His Ways mercy abounds
To those who wait
According to His Word
Knowledge is found
Wait for His Kingdom
For it is from Heaven
His Gospel of Peace
Reigns in the hearts of those poor in spirit
His power and dominion will forever rule
His mercy extends to all
Grace upon grace already given
Jesus our King, Gods only begotten Son
The stars proclaim His Majesty
His world is without end
Hearts of His children cry Our Father
O the darling Prince of Peace
O the wonder of salvation
Freely given so now Go! freely give
Peace and righteousness have kissed
This fallen world of sin
Praise God in the Highest
Holy and Righteous is He
He has died for your sins
For God so loved the world
Be born again
By the Spirit of God
Be loved, accepted, cherished
For the time is near
For those heaven bound
So walk in His Ways
Trust in His wisdom
He is from the Beginning
His world is without end
Come to His Son
His only begotten One
Jesus is His Name
Name above all other Names
Come to Him
Jesus, Son of Man, Son of God
Receive His grace
Grace upon grace already given


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