My Love My Bride (28/30)

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Revelation 2:4-5
Nevertheless I have somewhat against thee, because
thou hast left thy first love. Remember therefore from
whence thou art fallen, and repent, and do the first
works, or else I will come into thee quickly, and will
remove thy Candlesticks out of his place, except thou
Oh my love, My Bride!
Hast thou forsaken My love?
For I have not forgotten thee!
Hast thou forgotten Me?
Oh My love, My Bride!
Hast thou replaced Me?
For wood, stone and images of men?
My heart is always towards you
Oh My love, My Bride!
Am I not your first love?
Do thee call upon me at all times?
Who else is there beside Me to comfort you?
Oh My love, My Bride!
You started well, where are you now My love?
Time is short,
My Beloved, am I no longer your first love?
Oh My love, My Bride!
Consider carefully,
Who else has the words of eternal life?
I love you, I long to hear from you
Oh My love, My Bride!
Time is short
Come to Me, the night is drawing in,
Repent, My Bride …..Repent
For you have fallen far
The time is short
I love you
I long to hear from you

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Written by Jacqui Julyan

I live in Cornwall, England and have done so for the last twenty-one years. I moved with my mother and daughter in 1997 from Nottingham. It is here in Cornwall God still continues to do His greatest healing in my life. I live in a small bedsit with my now elderly dog Cindy.

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Be still

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