His Love is so sweet (17/30)

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My heart is torn in two
My heart
You are squeezing out the hate
My heart bears the scars
Tossed and turned
Yet, now my heart
Is yours
Sweet Jesus
Who else is there besides you?
There is no one who loves like you
I surrender fully to you Jesus
I am yours
You are mine
My heart now understands eternity
Formed and fashioned by your Hands
You bore me in mind
My heart adores you Jesus
You are so precious LORD
You are everything to me
Oh how your love is so sweet
Your love is incredible
My heart knows the truth
You are The truth
O precious LORD
You are my everything I am yours
O how your love is so sweet

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Written by Jacqui Julyan

I live in Cornwall, England and have done so for the last twenty-one years. I moved with my mother and daughter in 1997 from Nottingham. It is here in Cornwall God still continues to do His greatest healing in my life. I live in a small bedsit with my now elderly dog Cindy.

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The King is coming!

The King is coming!

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