In the Old Testament, Hannah desperately wanted chil­dren. Every year, when her went to worship at Shiloh, she judged herself to be a failure by her ’s standards. And one day it broke her. She was in deep anguish; she couldn’t eat, and all she could do was weep. No one could comfort her. Despite the hopelessness of her , Hannah prayed and turned to the One, who “had closed her womb.” 

With all of her emotions, she begged God to attend to her helplessness and grant her a son. In her prayer, Hannah trusted that God heard her and cared about her and would answer her cry. God did hear Hallelujah! God gave Hannah the of a son. 

, when we experience days and seasons of grief and despair, like Hannah in the bible, we can cry out to God and claim His faithfulness. In such we are called to remember the story and love of our generous, gracious God—the God of hope, the God who make right what is wrong in our lives, the God who will overturn all that causes us grief. Just like Hannah’s prayer was answered with a son, our moments of desperation, despair and discouragement can be reversed with the gift of God’s son Jesus Christ. Why not try Him today. 

I am a who is deeply troubled. . . . I was pouring out my soul to the Lord. — 1 Samuel 1:15 

Let’s Pray 

Yahweh, thank you that when I’m in darkness and I cry out to you, you always come through. God help me to remember that your Son is my light who came to take away my despair and show me the way to abundant life. In your name Christ, we pray. Amen.

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