Love and Kindness During This Pandemic

Covid-19 has brought out and kindness in communities around the world. One translation of today’s verse (1Cor 13:4) says, “love looks for a way to be constructive.” In other words, love looks for ways to improve someone else’s life. Not just in word but in action. Love brings out the best in other . Don’t just get up in the morning and think about yourself, or how you can make your own life better. Think about how you can make someone else’s life better.

Ask yourself, “who can I encourage today?” “Who can I build up?” Someone in your life needs your encouragement. Someone in your life needs to know that you believe in them. Someone in your live needs food, or a computer. I believe God will hold us responsible for the people He’s put in our lives. He’s counting on us to bring out the best in our family and friends.

Today, how will you improve the lives of those around you? Will you give them confidence? Will you bring a smile to someone’s face? Ask the Lord to give you creative ways to invest in those around you. As you sow seeds of encouragement and bring out the best in others, God will send people along your path that will build you up too, and help you move forward into the blessing He has in store for you!

“…love is kind…”

(1 Corinthians 13:4, NIV)

Pray With Me
, thank You for loving me and for being kind to me and my family. Father, thank You for believing in me and always building me up. I ask that You show me creative ways to encourage and build up the people around me. God, help me to be an example of Your love today, and always seek to lift the spirits of those I come into contact with during this difficult , in Christ’s Name! Amen. 


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Written by Pastor Ray Patrick

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Pastor Ray Patrick is a R.E Teacher at The Eden School


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