God Will Do Great Exploits Amidst Global Pandemics: It’s Your Time To Climb!

In September 2019, Chuck Pierce prophesied that a ‘Massive Plague-Like Invasion’ Will Test Us Through Passover.

Again in January 2020, at the ‘Starting the Year Off Right Conference,’ God spoke again that there would be a massive plague-like invasion that would test us through Passover. I did get several comments and certain rebuttals for repeating that our nation would go into some sort of major trial through April. I believe that we are seeing this not only in this nation, but throughout the nations [of the world] at this time in history.

As God’s kingdom people, we must always hear what the Spirit of God is saying to the Church.

Susan Stanfield, who has worked here for 40 years, shared with us that the Lord told her to gird up your loins for spring storms ahead. I believe this is what God is saying to all of us.   However, if we would gird up our loins, we would end up doing exploits!”

Your Time to Climb:

“God says, ‘I am releasing a new level of faith within My people! What you did not see in the last season you will now begin to see. You will now begin to see and ascend in a new way. Reach up and climb the waterfall before you. As you reach up, a stairway will form to where I am taking you.

Climb what I have set in front of you! Climb what I have set in front of you! Although the enemy has laughed and said you will never get to the top and through the next door, this is your time to climb the stairs I have placed in front of you. I am already behind that door at the top of the stairs and laughing at your enemy.

In this season of overcoming joy, begin to release your laugh and experience My freedom that will enable you to overcome. Even though you may feel you are at the point of absolute failure and defeat, My angels will help you ascend, step by step, and cause you to keep pressing forward.

I am opening a new portal in the heavenly realm and assigning new angels to help escort you up into the heavenly places and back onto the earth. I stand in the heavenlies and laugh, and I cause you to stand in the earth and laugh at your enemies. For at this time and this season, I will cause you to laugh at your enemies as an overcoming and victorious spirit rises within you as you have not had in times past.

There is a new source of wind in the earth. This movement is not just My breath that is going forth, but the wind created by the wings of My angelic hosts. I am releasing a unique host to create winds to blow away occult coverings, and to bring forth winds of refreshing and rain from the atmosphere.

There are things I am beginning to shake within you that will cause a new breath to come into you. As you ascend, you will be positioned on My new trajectory of advance.”

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