Spiritual Healing: What Does the Bible Say about Healing?

The meaning of the name Rapha is He God heals.

Over the last 72 hours many people have become sick, many have been asking for healing in ' Name! I came across today's verse that I found so powerful. Do you need healing in your body physically? spiritually? emotionally? Do you believe you can be healed? Your words can bring that healing. ! Start speaking pleasant, powerful, potent words–words of life, encouragement and thanksgiving.

Today, guard your heart by making sure you are only listening to pleasant, life-giving and life transforming words. If there's something on the TV or radio that isn't bringing life to your soul, turn it off. If someone's having a conversation that's not uplifting or productive, don't be a part of it, walk away.

Today, choose to meditate with God's Word, and your words which are living and active and full of life. Speak pleasant, powerful, potent words–words of life. Let God's strength and peace rise in your soul. Keep your heart and mind focused on Him, and always choose pleasant words so you can be healed!

“Pleasant words are like a , sweet and delightful to the soul and healing to the body.” 

(Proverbs 16:24, AMP)

With Me
Jehovah , thank You for Your Word which is truth that heals. Father, I repent today for any words that have brought destruction into my life, or the lives of those around me. God, I ask that You uproot every negative seed, and help me to always choose pleasant words of life, so I can be healed physically, spiritually and emotionally, in Christ's Name! Amen.

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By Pastor Ray Patrick

Evangelism. Outreach. Ministry.
Pastor Ray Patrick is a R.E Teacher at The Eden School

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