Did you know knew you before you were even born? What an amazing thought! God saw you in His mind’s eye before you were substance, and said “I have a purpose for this and an amazing plan!” Then He worked a miracle and sent life into your and . They may have had issues, but that didn’t stop you from becoming all that God intended for you to be. You have been handpicked by Almighty God to be here at this time in history!

From time to time, we hear parents say, “we weren’t expecting this . They were a surprise. They were an accident.” No, that child may have been a surprise to the parents, but they weren’t a surprise to God. No child can be born without God breathing His life into them. You may think, “well, I was unwanted. I was an unplanned pregnancy.” No, you wouldn’t be here if God didn’t give you life. Hallelujah!

, get excited about your life. In God’s eyes, there is no such thing as being illegitimate. He is Your Father and will never leave you nor forsake you, He loves you unconditionally. Remember, He formed you and knew you before you were born! Take confidence in His knowing that you are made in His image, a person of great destiny, part of His mighty plan with a purpose!

“I knew you before I formed you in your mother’s womb”¦”

(Jeremiah 1:5, NLT)

Pray With Me
Yahweh, thank You for choosing and forming me before I was born. Thank You for creating me in Your image. Thank You for knowing me and revealing Yourself to me. Father, I know that You are working in my life even today, and You didn’t create me to fail, even when I feel like it. God, I stand in , knowing that You have a mighty plan and purpose for my life, in Jesus’ Name! Amen.


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