Pastor David Lynn. Street preaching in Toronto. Arrested for preaching the Gospel of . Assaulted numerous times.. Bullied.. Bashed for His faith. Arrested for preaching on a PUBLIC SIDEWALK.

As the sounds of “tolerance” and “inclusion” continue to ring up and down the streets of America, it seems those principles fail to apply when it comes to Christians expressing their religious beliefs.

A portion of the incident has been posted to YouTube:

David Lynn, a pastor for Forgiveness Ministries in Toronto, was handcuffed and arrested on June 4th for preaching the Good News of Jesus Christ on the streets of an LGBTQ-friendly community. “Everybody can have dignity and respect, everybody, but do you know it’s not all the time that this is carried out,” Lynn announced on the street corner, before ‘coming out of the closet’ as a Christ follower.

The pastor proceeded to ask if individuals within close proximity would tolerate him, as one person another turned their backs and shut him down.

“What about acceptance? What about acceptance?” asked one irritated listener who got in Lynn’s face.

“Jesus died for the sinner,” Lynn told them. “Every heterosexual has sin. Every homosexual has sin. Sin is when we violate the laws of God.”

As he continued to peacefully proclaim ’s love for all with a message about sin that was inclusive of both the heterosexual and homosexual community, various people attempted to trip and push the preacher.

Though Lynn remained calm and asked that people assaulting him would take their hands off of him, he was the one approached by police who accused him of being a “disturbance” and “breaching the peace.”

Though the pastor uses amplification to preach outside weekly, officers told him he needed to preach without amplification.

Lynn cooperated and continued preaching with no microphone in hand, but he was still ultimately arrested.

One of the arresting officers said that the pastor was arrested for breaching the peace though he admittedly didn’t know what those comments were. As Lynn was handcuffed and put in the police car, he repeated, “I was sharing the Gospel.”

God loves you. There is hope for you,” he added, reiterating his earlier message. “Whatever community you are, God loves you. Jesus died for you.”

“Our religious beliefs and our freedoms to exercise that belief are going to be taken away,” said one of the Christians accompanying Lynn, the pastor’s arrest. “We didn’t form a mob . A mob was formed against . Assault was demonstrated against us. We were assaulted. No one who assaulted us was arrested, but the person that was speaking and freely exercising their beliefs was handcuffed, and we don’t even know where he’s at right now.”

In a statement released that , Pastor Lynn said, 

“Every community in Toronto should have the same laws, and everyone should be welcome. Everyone should have rights, dignity, and respect, just like Christians should as well.”

Pastor Lynn


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  1. lifestepbaptistministries

    The clip is disturbing for several reaasons. It appears that the mob strategically pushed him into a physical confrontation which he refused to do. Also, they did it because they did not like what he was saying in free-speech America. The police did not seem to be concerned about arresting those who appeared to touch\assault him.

  2. Mike Anthoni

    Preaching the gospel will and does come with a great price. The Bible says to some the preaching of the gospel will be an offense and to others it will be freedom and life.