Why do we like Rock Stars? And why do so many want to be one, but never get there?

Rock stars become stars- because they hit the nail on the head (somewhere) they are hitting on what people are feeling, experiencing, wanting & desiring!

Yesterday I asked the to lead and guide me”¦Yes I was seriously talking to HIM (Holy Spirit, come, please lead and guide me!”

Now that prayer is not in our bibles but, I did it anyway. I know He is a PERSON not a thing! I then prayed for my someone, and prayed what I felt LED to pray, vs what my brain wanted to pray (which is always safe, and not risky!!)

That person was moved to tears- and touched him, because of that prayer. It was God! (His being manifested through my prayer ). The Lord literally showed me how that person was feeling, and I said it out loud.

That, to me, is ! Not for money, not for fame, but many people just do what they know people need from them (and become famous, as a result). was one of them. In Fact, He showed the way!

Father, give us more of this we pray! We hunger and thirst you, Father God. We hunger and thirst, after you! I ask you to touch every person out there today- who is led to pray a certain way, but their mind is questioning things. Set them free Father, from the chains that bind and Free their Mind! them to be Brave Father, and pray the way your Spirit leads them to pray. In Jesus’ mighty name!” Amen

Laura Grace, Author, Grace to Grow.

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