While on the aeroplane yesterday I was thinking about how important is. If you want to a of victory in , you have to be very selective about what you give your time and attention to. You have to recognise which thoughts to ignore, which comments to ignore, and sometimes, which to ignore. Every “battle” that comes across your path is not a battle that you’ supposed to fight. Some are simply distractions to try to lure you off course. If that battle is not between you and your God-given destiny, it’s a battle you should ignore.

Some people get distracted because they are always trying to straighten everyone else out, or win their approval. But if that’s your focus, you are wasting valuable and energy that you should be using to pursue your dreams. Turn away from that distraction! You don’t need the approval of everyone around you; you only need God’s approval!

, realise you don’t have to fight every battle. You don’t have to straighten people out. You don’t have to pay somebody back. Instead, focus on what matters; focus on God and His Word, so that you can live in freedom, peace and happiness every of your life!

“Turn my eyes away from worthless things; preserve my life according to Your Word.”

(Psalm 119:37, NIV)?

With Me
Yahweh, thank You for ordering my steps.  , thank You for planning things for me. God, teach me what battles to fight. Help me to discern the things I should ignore. Help me to avoid distractions as I focus my heart and mind on You today, in Jesus’ Name! Amen.

A special word from the Lord, from Pastor Ray Patrick.

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  1. waterwalker2017

    Yes! Thank you for this truth, and thank you for sharing.
    I believe Paul was a very joyful man. But only because his joy did not come from the world, it came from the Lord.
    Our success in the Lord is not success as the world sees it. But it is filled with joy peace and love, even in the middle of the storm. It is so easy in our world today for a Christian to be distracted from the walk the Lord has for them. That is why it is so important to be in the word and to be in prayer. Thank you again Pastor.