Oh, blackened calloused hearts of men
Who mock the children of God
Innocent are they that are redeemed of the LORD
For He alone brings mercy unto salvation
Blue hearts, frozen in pride
Eyes shut, ears closed to the cries of the poor
Yet, those who give to the poor lend to the LORD
For He alone brings hope unto peace
Destruction is swift and sure
For those who fear not the One who alone is Holy
False whispers of peace hide in dark places
Yet, He alone, omnipotent, sees into every heart
Oh, children of God, born from above
Fear not!
For He alone is with thee
Fear not!
Though the bells ring peace
Know destruction will suddenly come
Fore He alone
Is your Rock
Your salvation
On Him you stand
The time is drawing near
The trumpets are ablaze with holy fire
The wrath of God is revealed to those bent on evil
All creation groans together waiting for that glorious Day
For He alone is El Shaddai
For He alone paid for your sins with His own blood
For He alone is the Alpha and Omega
For He alone is your only Saviour
Jesus who was, and who is and who is to come



  1. Ronald Thomas

    Everything was correct except you last statement. If you are waiting for Christ to return you worship a foreign god, the Jews only worship One God, that is the one I worship keep waiting till the day you die and you will never see him only the face of man that taught you that.