As Thanksgiving is quickly approaching, I’ve been reminded of the importance of being present to those around. Available. Listening. Being slow to respond.

In our fast-paced, hyperactive, overloaded , we often hop in our cars ready to “get’er done.” ’s a mentality that we all have shared. The moment we crawl out of bed, we have things racing through our heads.

The lunchboxes to pack.

The laundry to get done.

The groceries to shop.

The phone calls to return.

The bills to pay.

The errands to run.

’s difficult to put aside the chase that occurs within. However, not long ago, during a summer club, I personally was challenged to “Be present” more. To put aside FacebookInstagram, and searching the web. To look in the eyes of the people around instead. To have meaningful conversations with those who are in my . The people I see every ”¦at HEB, the neighborhood, and of course”¦in my own hood.

Our people need . They really do. The we raise and the husband we wed. The people we lock arms with to do ministry”¦they need us too. They need us to give them 100%. Is that what you do?

I wonder what would happen if we put our phones away. Stop obsessing with who’s who and Hollywood. Put aside and the daily news. And rather”¦start looking across the table. Listening to what is being said.

I wonder if deep, meaningful conversations would begin? strengthened. Marriages healed. Children would be known. Neighbors no longer ignored.

By doing so”¦we think of ourselves less”¦and more of those around.

This reminds me of a bible verse that you probably can recite from memory, “ , love others” (Mark 12:30-31)”¦but oh, how easily we forget.

What is your biggest challenge in loving others well? What does look like to “Be Present” to you?

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