What Are You Eating?

Mindful eating is a huge topic involving many elements of attention and awareness from the decision to eat to the decision to stop and everything in between.

Have you ever gone to a restaurant and decided to have an onion and garlic-rich meal? Jump into a taxi afterward and you’ll most likely stink out the driver- he may even decide to kick you out of the taxi! A garlic loaf or loaded burger with a mountain of crispy fried onion is great when we’re eating it, but the effects of the meal are not so wonderful. Now we know that spiritually, food is not about to defile you, but what we feed our minds will.

We have all heard of the saying that ‘you are what you eat’. This saying works well in both the physical and spiritual sense. We probably all understand the implications of a junk food laden diet and what it does to our bodies, but do we fully understand how our spiritual diet affects our walk of faith as Believers? Every choice that we make feeds our spirit in some way; there is a cause and effect situation happening. If we were to examine our lives, would we be able to determine the type of spiritual food that we are filling ourselves with? Let’s examine two types of diets (the only two types, really) that should give you an indication of where you fit in.

  1. The World Diet a.k.a Junk Food

This nutrient deficient diet is sure to starve your spirit. Day in and day out, we watch TV series and programs that do nothing to help us grow spiritually. They are entertaining, immensely so, but they make us dumb people. We are so busy looking into the lives of other people, emulating their speech, fashion sense, and attitudes that we miss out on what truly matters, and that’s spending time doing GOD’S work and living a life of purpose. The sad thing is that we do not leave the junk food at home, but we take it to the public as well by wanting to discuss the junk that we watch. It’s not just what we watch either, it’s also what we listen to and what we read. Our minds are like sponges and will soak up whatever we expose it to. If we insist on reading sensational magazines full of gossip, scandal, judgment, and immoral speech, then you better be aware of the consequences. When we listen to secular music that we know is vulgar and the opposite of GOD’S Word, then you better be ready for the devil to take advantage of that.

The effects of this diet are spiritually debilitating, soul-destroying and eventually leads to death. It is possible to suss out a person who consumes this type of diet. This person is constantly negative and can bring down a person’s mood quicker than listening to music about broken hearts. The filth that comes out of this person’s mouth can and will make you cringe. Their lives are most likely full of the sin of gossiping, slander, backbiting, unforgiveness, grumbling, hatred, coveting, fornication, adultery, blasphemy and everything else that this world has to offer. This person’s heart is far from GOD and is spiritually dead.

Sometimes, a Christian can be following this diet because they do not fully understand what is expected of them. Unfortunately, this makes one a lukewarm Christian and Jesus did say that He would ‘spit’ out any lukewarm Christians out of His mouth. It is no doubt that this diet is delicious, but it rots your soul and silences the Holy Spirit within you. Believe me when I say that you are better off without it.

  1. GOD’S Diet a.k.a The Nutrient Dense Diet

Who doesn’t want to be healthy and full of vitality? The energy from this diet is through the roof and it raises your endorphin levels as well. This diet consists of reading GOD’S Word on a daily basis, speaking to Him regularly, taking heed of the Holy Spirits’s voice, reading material that enhances spiritual knowledge and listening to music that encompasses everything about our faith. There is nothing better than feeding our spirits with the food of the Spirit because it leads to eternal life and brings us closer to our Creator. It’s wonderful to watch a sermon on TV that speaks GOD’S truth and increases our wisdom and understanding. Our lives are considerably less stressful, we have greater peace in our hearts, our joy is more stable and not situation based, and we generally have a more positive outlook on life- even with what’s going on in the world.

GOD’S Diet is simpler, rewarding, and healthier. There are no preservatives needed to extend GOD’S food because it’s eternal, there are no colourants needed to enhance the look of His food because it’s all natural and of the purest beauty, and there are no flavor enhancers to trick us into believing that it tastes better because it’s fresh, wholesome and wonderfully tasty for our spirits, and there are no lurking chemicals to slowly poison us because GOD is life.

You would think that the decision is easy to make, but if it was then we would all be Saved. But it’s not. Those who are still Lost cannot see and understand that the World’s Diet is leading them on a broad path to Death. They have been taken in by the fake pleasure of the diet, not being able to see how decayed it truly is. If they could see what they were truly taking into their spirits, they would be appalled and sick to their stomachs. We as Believers need to be careful about what we allow into our lives by paying attention to what we watch, read, and listen to. Even a little guilty pleasure can corrode your spiritual life and lead you away from GOD. Our lives on earth are but for a moment in the light of eternity, so we need to be wise with our decisions.


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By Stephanie Jafta

'A bondservant of Jesus Christ who loves to share and speak GOD'S Word as He wills it'.

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