What Is Blessedness?

What Is Blessedness?

“Bless You!”, “God bless!”, and “Blessings!” are commonly used expressions for well-wishes. Society has a concept of what it means to be blessed. Most relate it to material prosperity and success. While that may include such, blessedness entails much more than that. The Beatitudes in Matthew and many other Scripture passages grant insight about what blessedness is for the child of God. From these, we see that it’s not all about material abundance.

Dictionaries explain the word “blessed” as “endowed with divine favor and protection.” Tracing it from the Latin, we find it to be associated with the concept of “bliss”. In Matthew 5, “blessed” uses the Greek word “makarios”. The word points to believers being in a “fortunate” position of receiving God’s favor, a position of access to the benefits God extends.   “Makarios” closely associates with faith because by placing genuine faith in the redemptive work of Christ, the Christian is placed in this special position of blessedness.

Blessedness is about having.

Blessedness is about having endowments we enjoy now. 1 Timothy 6:17 tells us about our living God who gives us things for our enjoyment. Some may think blessedness is achieved mostly by striving, this verse tells us that blessedness comes by trusting IN the God who graciously grants us things for enjoyment (not enslavement nor dependence).

Blessedness is also about having endowments to enjoy in the future. Psalm 33:12 says, “Blessed is the nation [the people] whose God is the Lord, the people He chose for his inheritance.”   Hebrews 11:1 talks about faith that serves as the very evidence of the things we hope for though they yet remain unseen. We don’t see heaven and all the things God has promised for our inheritance now, but in faith, we have assurance, we have the unshakeable certainty of this endowment right now in this earthly life.

Blessedness is about being.

That God is our father makes all the difference in the world. Understanding and living that truth gives us confidence and resilience amidst changing situations in this life. We are God’s children, His heirs, His beloved. We are the apple of His eye and nothing will ever separate us from His love. There can be bliss when there is chaos. There can be peace when there is pain and turmoil. There can be contentment when resources are lacking. There can be trust when things don’t make sense because I have experienced that my Father is good and He has promised never to abandon nor forsake me.

Blessedness is about doing.

In God’s Word is guidance. In His Word, we glean insight into the nature and character of God and His plan and direction for our life. Luke 11:28 says blessed are they that hear the word of God, and keep [observe] it. Psalm 19:11 says that in heeding God’s Word, there is a great reward.

Time spent with God’s Word is never futile. It empowers us. It prepares us for what’s ahead by positioning our hearts and minds to right understanding and responses. When we give room for God’s Words, we allow it to work in our hearts and correct us of wrong thoughts and behavior. The child of God understands by experience that as he is transformed by God’s Word priorities begin to change and pursuits clarify. One begins to desire what is lasting over what’s temporary. One starts seeking what truly fulfills not just what temporarily pleasures. One learns about the right expectations and starts appreciating life, current possessions, and people more. One becomes more gracious with others as God has been gracious with him.

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