Mother Teresa’s Charity Is Under Investigation Over Baby-Selling Claims

Mother Teresa‘s Missionaries of Charity is under investigation by the Indian government over allegations of selling babies for adoption.

Mother Teresa's Charity Is Under Investigation Over Baby-Selling Claims
Mother Teresa's Charity Is Under Investigation Over Baby-Selling Claims

When one thinks of Mother Teresa, the words peace, serenity, and kindness come to mind. The heinous act of Baby-Selling seems far removed from the values that she embodied. However, it appears that one of her charities have failed to uphold her image.

India’s eastern Jharkland state is home to a Missionaries of Charity center. The center, which is meant to provide shelter for pregnant unmarried women, was accused of selling babies born to unwed mothers to childless couples.

The Indian police were alerted when a social worker discovered that a newborn was missing from the home. They arrested a nun and a staff member after it was found out that the two were involved in baby trafficking.

A police officer spoke to Reuters regarding the matter:

“At least five to six babies have been sold to childless couples. We are investigating to see how the operation was run and how many more children have been given away in the last few years.”

It was said that the Jharkland center for unwed mothers charged about $600 for each baby, with another Indian couple claiming that they paid the equivalent of $1,760 for a baby.

“We are completely shocked by what has happened in our home… It should have never happened,” said the Missionaries of Charity organization in a statement. “It is against our moral convictions. We are carefully looking into the matter. We will take all the necessary precautions that this kind of incident never happens again.”

The police have since closed the center.

It is no small thing to discover that a person who has dedicated their lives to GOD was involved in child trafficking. Many people hold nuns to a different standard, and they are seen as sacrificial people who have turned their backs on the pleasures of life to serve others. We cannot help but inwardly groan at the thought that such a chaste symbol has further damaged the world’s view of our Christians values. If it is not men of the habit molesting and sodomizing young children, it is nuns selling babies to make a profit. It seems as though the Catholic world is riddled with bad eggs, or rotten tomatoes- whichever you prefer. That is not to say that our own Christian sisters and brothers have not defamed our faith. On the contrary, I believe that we have done more to dent the LORD’S image to the world than the world has. It is a comforting thing to know that no matter how much we mess up, we can never derail GOD’S plans for each and every one of us.

Some people may hold the title of being a servant of Christ, but we will always know them by their fruits. While we may understand that those who were involved in selling these babies were not true servants of Christ, the world will not choose to see that truth. It is a waste of our time to fret over the dark works of others, pray and move on. Concentrate on shining your light to the world.



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