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What Is The The Holy Spirit?

He is not an “it.” He is not a divine influence. He is not a fleecy white cloud and He is not a ghost or a concept, but He is a person possessing a will, intellect and emotions.

The Holy Spirit is the most highlighted and the most overlooked (and misunderstood) Person of the Trinity in our churches today. Often, how Christians perceive the Holy Spirit influences the way they do life and ministry. You may have had the experience of visiting one church for Sunday worship and it felt like the atmosphere was so serious that you had no clue if the people were sad, in mourning, tired or just plain bored. Likewise, you may have had another experience of visiting one church where it felt as if everything was out of control; the preacher was short of shouting in your ears and the people around you couldn’t stay still and silent for a minute. In the first, you see powerlessness; in the second, chaos.

I heard one pastor say that “The Holy Spirit is not a showman or an out of mess force that brings craze into meetings”. That is so true. Scriptures tell us that the Holy Spirit is in us, working alongside us, guiding us into all truth and into all that God has for us. He is God, bringing order and direction into our lives. He is also:

1. Our Most Competent Prayer Partner.

It’s a great blessing to have a buddy you can count on to pray for you and with you, to have someone you can text or call for a quick prayer item. But at times there are things happening in our lives that are difficult to share.

Do you know that the Holy Spirit is there for us instantly and at all times?   And even when we couldn’t find the exact words to explain how we feel, when we’ve lost all sense of praying and seeking God as we should, He knows exactly what’s going on and what we truly need? The Bible assures us that the Holy Spirit “comes to our aid and bears us up in our weakness. And when we do not know what to pray for, He makes right prayers for us.

“He pleads in our behalf with unspeakable yearnings and groanings too deep for utterance.”

We can count on the Holy Spirit to offer intelligent prayers to God the Father for us.

2. Our Life Aide.

Successful politicians or public servants will always have the best political aides behind them. A political aide works full time. He helps his boss navigate his political duties.   He makes the speeches and issues press releases. He conducts informational research vital to strategy and decision-making.   He prepares his boss for debates and other issues and defends him in times of criticism. He is essential to the politician’s career and overall job performance. The political aide is always at the politician’s side.

Do you know that the Holy Spirit is exactly like that and more? He is our Life Aide. He helps us navigate our life and duties.   Scriptures call Him “parakltos meaning, “called to one’s aid”. From John 14:26 we know that He teaches and reminds us of all things God has revealed to us from His Word. In Luke 12:11-12 we learn that in times of conflict, the Holy Spirit will teach us what we ought to say. He is ever at our side.

3. Our Champion Who Never Disappoints.

While we have special people we can lean on for forever, like us, they have limits. They aren’t always able to carry our burden with us or for us. But the Holy Spirit is our constant and consistent champion. Like the character of Achilles in the film, Troy, we can count on Him to do and win battles with us and for us.

Acts 1:8 teaches us that the Holy Spirit is our power, our enabler. He is our efficiency and might. He sustains us for everything God has called us to do and accomplish. From 2 Timothy 1:7 we understand that “God did not give us a spirit of timidity (of cowardice, of craven and cringing and fawning fear), but of power and of love and of sound mind”. He gave us His very self in the person of the Holy Spirit and He will never disappoint.

In the American medical drama TV series titled, “Grey’s Anatomy”, a character named Dr Cristina Yang introduces us to the term, “My Person”. One of her explanations about the meaning of this term (and I quote) is, “She’s my person. If I murdered someone, she’s the person I’d call to help me drag the corpse across the living room floor. She’s my person.”

“My person” is the one you straightway go to for anything and everything; the person that enables and sustains you for everything you do. “My Person” is always there for you, with you, for life.

The Holy Spirit is “Your Person”. He brings certainty, He brings steadiness. He is Power who is reliably at work. He is The One who’s forever got your back and much more!  


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By Ana Menez

I serve with a training & equipping organization. I am also a freelance writer and I take great interest in writing and sharing growth resources. Reading is one of my great loves. I love it for all its fresh insights and points of view that help as I consider issues relevant to my faith life.

6 replies on “What Is The The Holy Spirit?”

Ron, I’m curious, are you no longer a Pentecostal? I am a Pentecostal myself and do agree that there is a out of focus focus of speaking in tongues, etc. We miss out on so much more of who the Holy Spirit really is when that is our primary focus. Thanks for sharing, Ron, and thanks, Ana, for this post.

I like to think of the Holy Spirit as the active agent of the godhead in the earth today. Growing up as a “Pentecostal,” the focus was on a language or an experience. The Holy Spirit is now a constant friend to confide in, listen to in various situations of life. The Holy Spirit is the “knowing” of whisper that radiates throughout your being rather than a thought that crosses your mind. As the active agent of the godhead, the Holy Spirit opens the understanding of scriptures, which opens the understanding of the Father who sent the Son to offer a way back to God.

“The Holy Spirit is “Your Person”. He brings certainty, He brings steadiness. He is Power who is reliably at work. He is The One who’s forever got your back and much more!”
Fantastically expressed! Thank you! What a great hope for the muck of everyday life – the Holy Spirit has our back!

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