Modular Penthouse, Wandsworth High Street

Modular steel construction means you can build upwards on an existing building while minimising disruption

Generous glazed areas and therefore  naturally lit apartments with fine  views out are an extremely desirable  part of the modern home. A common  misconception and criticism of  prefabricated modules is that they  offer little opportunity for large  glazed facades. Atelier One have  proved this is clearly not the case  on previous projects such as the  rooftop extension to The White Cube  Gallery in Hoxton Square and on their  work on the Piper Building, Fulham. The key to glazing  prefabricated modules is to provide  enough stiffness to eliminate  movement when the modules are  transported.

Modular Penthouse,  Wandsworth High Street

Architect:  Martin Markcrow Architects

Structural Engineer:  Buro Happold

Quantity Surveyor:  KMCS

Model Photography:  Andrew Putler

This new two-storey penthouse is  located above an existing four-storey  building on Wandsworth High Street,  London, within a Area.

The 2,400 sq ft apartment for private  clients was  pre-fabricated in  Slovenia, and transported as five  separate 12.0m long modules to  London, where they were  craned  into position over a 2-3 day period,  before connection to the existing  services and stairwell. The steel  framed structure minimised  the load  on the existing building and afforded strength during transportation and  lifting.  A modular construction route was  chosen primarily to avoid disruption,  noise, and dust pollution to the clients  who occupied the top floor  of the building. In addition, a  conventional construction route with  scaffolding and temporary shelter on  this constrained site proved particularly difficult and costly.

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