Organ donation is the donation of biological tissue or an organ of the human body, from a living or dead person to a living recipient in need of a transplantation.

General misconceptions connected to Christianity and organ donation  have made many think that the act is prohibited by their religion  when in reality, there little or  no rules that actually prevent people from receiving  blood transfusions or organ  transplants.

Some religious denominations are against organ donation, but major religions by and large allow the act and even encourage it. Some profess that the teachings of  Christianity and organ donation go hand in hand.  However, within each religion there are different schools of thought, which means that views differ.

Heart and Lung Transplant 2.5 Years.

It’s safe to say that most  , and scholars agree that the organ donation is a beautiful selfless act.

Protestant denominations have given their seal of approval to organ donations. The Lutheran Church refereed to  the act as manifestation of sacrificial love for people who are in need. The Presbyterian Church has encouraged its members to have Universal Donor Cards. The Seventh Day Church has a pediatric heart transplantation floor in its California hospital. Even the Amish, who have been seen to generally avoid  modern technology, allow organ donation in order to others.

The Church of England has declared that it is the duty of a Christian to donate one’s organs. But the church stated that there are different views on whether an opt-in system was proper.

We believe  that Christianity and organ donation  are entwined  with each other as we are taught to love our  neighbours.

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The Catholic Church has voiced out its support to donation. The late Pope Paul II praised the work of transplant surgeons during an international conference in 2000, but he asked them to avoid transplants with stem cells. Former Pope Benedict XVI has announced that he is an organ donor.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and the Quakers do not object to the practice and leave it up to their members if they want to put up their organs for donation or have transplants.

Love one another is the most basic teaching of Christianity and we believe organ donation is one example of how you can apply it to your .

Remember there is no greater love than to lay down one’s life for one’s friends. (John 15:13) Being an organ donor is the Christian way of showing you care for your neighbors.

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Most would agree that nothing’ could possibly be worse than when a chance to donate an organ is missed because of a  false belief that donation is prohibited.



Jesus Christ the Original Blood Donor.

Ever Thought of Jesus as a Blood Donor? For  Ephesians 1.7  States “In Him We Have Through His Blood, the Forgiveness of Our Trespasses, According to the Riches of His Grace.     should be encouraged to help others in need and look upon organ donation as an act of love, and a way of following Jesus’ example.

Sacrifice and Helping Others Are Key Themes Across All Forms of Christianity, and Therefore a Decision to Donate Organs Is Seen as a Positive Thing.

Is organ donation prohibited by your religion? Do you agree with organ donation?

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  1. Moyo

    Interesting article. I actually believe that being an organ donor is another way to give to the needy. My only apprehension is that my nurse friend told me that doctors don’t fight as hard for an organ donor on life support as they would a patient who isn’t a donor. I’m was registered an organ donor, but after hearing that I withdrew. I still contemplate re- registering simply because my organs will be useless to me when I’m dead. I truly need God to help me with that decision.

  2. jritterbrunson

    Thank you for covering such an important subject. Personally, I believe it must be up to individuals to determine if organ donation is right or wrong for them. People can be guided by their denomination, but the decision is personal.

  3. rgdole

    My dad had a kidney transplant… and he probably wouldn’t be here today if he hadn’t… even with dialysis it’s better to have a kidney that works… Life is sacred and it should be everyone’s job to help others to live good healthy lives… when I’m gone I don’t need my organs but others might and I hope that I may do some good if they’re needed…