It was one of several encounters, I treasure all of them so
very dearly. Jesus came at this time whilst I was in very deep
depression, recovering from a mental breakdown due to
traumatic childhood abuse. I am even to this day 2018
recovering all the memories piece by piece. Jesus also
healed my back without saying a word, or touching me. He
knew what I was thinking throughout our conversation even
when I was thinking of turning to walk an easier path for the
sake of my back. My back now healed I continued to walk with
Him, this was one of the steepest hills in St. Ives, Cornwall.
At this point I didn’t know it was Jesus, but soon it became
apparent, very soon.
Many months later, listening to a sermon being preached at a
local Methodist church, the LORD confirmed that it truly was
He, Jesus who had met with me that day. This is the scripture
John 14:9 ‘Anyone who has seen me has seen the Father’
What is it about you Jesus?
Love Divine!
You came down to earth
Why on earth did you do that?
From heaven
Where is heaven?
My childish nature asks
In wonder!
I wanted to see the angels
Your servants
But you saved the best wine until last!
I met you
My resurrected LORD
Then I understood
No confusion
Just wonder!
No wonder the angels sing!
Night and day
To worship You
It is all we need
Nothing else
You walked with me
Eased me up such difficult terrain
Out of the heat
Into the cool shade
Ancient trees
Waved in the breeze
Glistening sunlight
Filtering the air
All is quiet, such stillness
They knew!
That you were LORD of Lords
And King of Kings
Such Light!
You are the Light!
Of all the world
The True Light
How could you read my thoughts?
Such ease of listening
Your compassion
Such quietness of conversation
It is true!
Let your ‘yes’ be ‘yes’
Your ‘no’ be ‘no’
Your Word is true
You are True !
Such deep felt compassion
So attentive;listening to my every word
You laid aside my sin
My hurts
My fears
Finally you had to go
Our earthly journey to an end
Yet, as I turned
There You stood
Your healing hand
Cool to the touch
In such close proximity!
Your smile I have never forgotten!
There was no fear
Just wonder
Much Peace
You are the Sparkling dews of hope
Treasured moments
Captured Forever
For you see
I know we will meet again!