As I carried the cross
I thought of you
I knew your name
I chose you
Before you were conceived
As tears of blood ran down my cheeks
I thought of you
I whispered your name
Before the foundation of the earth
I saw your unformed body
As they drove the nails into my hands
I thought of you
Precious child
My unfailing love
Stretched out for you
As I hung in shame and scorn
I thought of you
Your name etched in the Book of Life
I left the ninety-nine
Just for you
As I waited for death and hell
I thought of you
You will never go there
I went for you
Your life precious to me
As I rose from the grave
I thought of you
‘Come my child come to me’
‘You are loved, you are cherished
Just as you are’
As I ascended to my Father
I thought of you
I pray for you
I walk with you
‘Fear not for I have redeemed you
You are mine’
When I return
I am thinking of you
I will gather you in my arms
‘Come home it is all prepared for you
Come child there will be no more
Sorrow or pain’
‘Yes my child, I am always thinking of you’ …..Love Jesus