Facebook’s digital maps that help with disaster relief (1/1)

In the wake of a natural disaster, humanitarian organizations have to act quickly in order to save lives. Facebook’s disaster map initiative helps organizations address the critical gap in the information they often face when responding to natural disasters.Called disaster maps, the resource uses “aggregated, de-identified” Facebook data to provide key information organizations said would be most helpful in improving how they respond and provide relief in the immediate hours after a crisis.

Facebook has a wealth of data on users who use the service, so while the announcement of sharing more user information may raise concerns for some, for now, we may have to take the companies word that the data is being shared as stated for good, and will help those at their most vulnerable.


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  1. This is amazing. Innovations are really changing the world. I especially love the ‘lucky iron fish’ because I was anemic for a very long time. I also love the ‘ life saving dot’. Thank you and God bless you

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