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    Spiritual Warfare: ‘Avoid People Who Cause Divisions’
    God’s Power for Our Battles
    I urge you, my friends: watch out for those who cause divisions and upset people’s faith and go against the teaching which you have received. Keep away from them! For those who do such things are not serving Christ our Lord, but their own appetites. By their fine words and flattering speech they deceive innocent people.
    – Romans 16:17-18 GNT
    Lord, help me to recognize conversations and individuals that cause division among Your people and separate myself from that sort of unwholesome talk and activity. Don’t let me be sucked into complicated schemes that sound like they will help things when they actually will make things worse. In fact, when this arises around me, Lord, help me to say whatever would best diffuse their anger and slander. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.