Activity Stream

The fundamental feature of Godinterest is the Activity Stream. Each member can post updates to their own activity stream from their profile.

Each stream can be followed by any member using RSS or email notification. And using the @ symbol followed by the member username allows you to mention that user in your stream, in a very similar manner to the one currently used by twitter.

Streams can be commented on and tagged as a favorite by members to enhance discussions. Each group also has its own activity stream that is controlled by the group visibility.

User Groups

Creating groups allows you to have focused discussions.  They also allow you to keep conversations private to a selection of people if that is something you need to do.

Members and Friends

Members can be friends with other members allowing for a more focused social connection. They can follow other members activity feeds, as well as participate in various group discussions and communicate directly with other members.

Are you a Godinterest user? What do you think of this community and what recommendations do you have for extending its functionality? Have you tried Godinterest and decided that it’s not for you?

Please let us know your answers to these questions in the comments section. If you have any other questions or comments about Godinterest, we’d love to hear them too.