Post Guidelines

Here are some pointers on how to write a successful post for Godinterest

  • Columns usually run about 500 — 1000 words.
  • Make a strong, clear argument. Come down on one side of an issue, or advance a theory — we want to stir discussion.
  • Provide specific examples and true anecdotes to illustrate the points you’re making — the more the better.
  • Be sure to disclose conflicts of interest, such as partnerships with, or investments in, any companies covered in the story.
  • Screenshots or infographics help. Make them simple and clear. Include links to the images.
  • Keep your writing informal, like you’re chatting with a friend, and make sure you keep to the first person.
  • People are intimidated by big blocks of text, so keep your sentences and paragraphs short.
  • Plan out your story. If you’re describing a personal event, limit your blog to one time period rather than covering your whole life.
  • Photographs — images and video are great for bringing your story to life.
  • Author information — let the audience know who’s writing the piece, as it lets our audience empathize more.
  • All submitted posts should be original pieces of work.
  • Once submitted and published posts will not be removed. 

God is awesome. Let’s share that knowledge with the world–one story at a time.  You in?


If you have any questions, email  editor [at]  

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