Community Guidelines

Godinterest has created a list of community guidelines that we ask all Godinterest members adhere to. Members found to be acting outside of our guidelines risk account suspension or removal from Godinterest.

Please do not threaten people.
This includes threats of violence, and threats to hurt others in any way.

Please do not post others’ personal information.
Please do not post any personal information of about other members or third parties unless you have express permission from them to do so.

Please do not promote self-harm.
Please do not post content that glorifies self-harm or encourage others to harm themselves.

Please do not spam.
Please do not use fake tags or deceptive links or try to mislead others about the things you post.

Please do not infringe on other people’s copyrights and trademarks.Please do not post content that belongs to third parties without their consent.

Please do not squat on blogs.
Please do not register a blog that you are not going to use yourself. Please do not register a username to prevent someone else from using it.

Please do not post anything inappropriate about minors, including things that are violent or sexual in nature.

If you encounter abusive behavior or someone who is not acting in accordance with our Community Guidelines, please report it by contacting Our support team will assess the situation, and take action as necessary.

Updated December 10, 2018

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