Looking for a church.

Looking for a Church

I have four churches in a five minute walk from my home. An amazing choice if your not LGBT. I have been trying to find a church that does not condemn me because I am in a long term committed relationship with my wonderful wife of 17 years.

Although we maybe legally married we are still seen as an abomination in some sectors. I want to be able to express and explore my faith without being, in the kinder quarters tolerated and the rest seen as some one who needs to be converted.

God created me. I should not be hated for being me, or just tolerated.

I seek a community that accepts me and allows me to explore my faith. So that I can give all that I am.

I seek a community of fellowship that can support me in exploring my faith.

If you can help me find that community, my soul would truly appreciate it. I am based in South West London.

Lynne the soul weary.

About the author: Lynne Nicholls

2 thoughts on “Looking for a Church”

  1. Lynne Nicholls avatar Quest says:

    Thanks for taking the time to respond. I understand your views differ to mine and I continue in my quest.

  2. You beat bet is to pick up KJV, and read it and study it between you and your partner and understand what the Word says instead of letting man teach you how to die. There is only one God, God made you, man will kill you my God lives in the Laws of Nature.


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