A Lesson from the Book of Ruth (websta.me)
Ruth 1
In the fall of 2003, I sat in a coliseum full of women at a Beth Moore conference where she was teaching on Ruth.
I was at the end of a bitter tasting divorce, less than 2 years after I had gotten married, and completely heartbroken that anything like this could ever happen in my life. How could so much be taken from me against my will? It was a tough time for me to understand friends. As I sat there, a young woman of 22, I opened my Bible and listened to a beautiful teaching about Ruth's life. At the end of chapter 1, it says that they came to Bethlehem at the beginning of barley harvest. She stopped in her teaching right there and said something that I will never forget. "Your greatest loss may come just before your greatest harvest." The Holy Spirit stirred those words in my soul so deeply and my eyes filled with tears. I knew those words were for me. I mean, it was sweet that all of those other thousands of women were there, but that part, it was FOR ME! The Holy Spirit comforted me with that...