Pray For Me
I feel a little discouraged today, somewhat overwhelmed about all that I have to do, now, next week, 6 mos from now, 2 yrs from now...

I know Matt. 6:33-34, and I always try to walk in that.

Sometimes, though, life's practical issues bear on us. One of my main problems in being able to rest in the Lord is that years and years ago, when I prayed and prayed to God, and leaned on him to help me out of  difficult situations, it did not happen. The bad things came upon me anyway, and I was raising my son, and it badly affected him too, as my whole life did. It was not just once that this happened, but several times that I was faithful in praying, tithing, worshiping, serving, reading the Bible, that bad things happened to me. There have been waves of bad circumstances in my life, and I've had a hard time generally all of my life.

I know that my spirit goes back to a particular time, when several things happened within a couple of years, and I feel today that I have to make sure that I handle and manage things to keep it together, because if I don't...REMEMBER WHAT HAPPENED BEFORE WHEN YOU TRUSTED GOD TO HELP YOU WHEN YOU DID NOT KNOW WHAT TO DO, WHEN YOU HAD NO ONE TO HELP YOU, WHEN YOU WERE AFRAID, WHEN YOU WERE CONFUSED, WHEN YOU WERE OVERWHELMED AND SAD....

God has done a lot for me, and I can recall his help and deliverance at times. But when it comes to certain things, I have problems, and I worry and feel overwhelmed and depressed.

I am a great motivator. I love encouraging and inspiring others, but I need help sometimes. It's hard when you don't know more details about someone's person, life and situation, to feel that you can pray effectively. But we know that God knows all about it. I appreciate your prayers in however way you feel that you can give them.

God bless you and your family, in Jesus' name!