Just Another Day To Give | Draw Nigh To Hope (drawnightohope.blogspot.com)
Many years ago on a bus, I sat down beside a 40-ish, clean-cut,
well-spoken man who offered me his neatly folded newspaper. I brightly
replied, “Thank you. I need this today!” I am a woman of color and he
was white. This is only significant in that I am always grateful for
cross-cultural friendliness, where ever I find it, because there is so
much hatred and prejudice still being propagated and generated.

So after I accepted the paper with a smile, he replied, “I picked it up at TCC.”

“Do you want some change for it,” I offered.

“No,” he replied. “They set them out for free.” After a pause, he
humorously said, “I can always use a little change. No just kidding.”

I laughed and said, “We can all use a little change sometimes.
You take classes at TCC,” I inquired, assuming that he was enrolled in
some MBA-type program or something.

“No, I stay at the Union Mission,” he quietly replied.

“Oh,” I said, thinking how sad, but restful his spirit seemed.

“I work two part-time jobs,” I confessed. “They are both minimum wage and it’s difficult...

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