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Here in Australia it's now December 3, two days after World AIDS Day. The campaign has been picked up by a large number of organisations, brands and web sites. Twitter turned red in honour of the day, in collaboration with…
  • Tony God, our creator,
    We praise You for each of us is wonderfully made in Your image.
    Jesus, compassionate friend,
    We thank You for the deep understanding and mercy you modeled for us.
    Spirit, eternal presence,
    We honor You as the One who whispers our name and calls us to attention.
    Grant us grace that we may see you
    in the faces of people living with and affected by HIV and AIDS.
    We give thanks for all churches who are courageously embracing these men, women and children.
    Enable us to feel the pain of those who suffer stigma and discrimination,
    who live with physical pain and sorrow.
    Empower us to empathy, compassion and action.
    Sustain us in our listening and learning, in our being and doing.
    Open our hands and lead our feet to act for justice.