In that dramatic scene on Calvary’s hill, three men were crucified. We must never forget that all three were crucified for the crime – the crime of extremism. Two were extremists for immorality, and thus fell below their environment. The other, , was an extremist for , truth and goodness.

– Rev. Jr.

What a way to be remembered. What a way to go out.

Three extremists, all hung on trees to die a cruel Roman death. Two were left unnamed, unknown to today. But the one, a sign hung above his head proclaiming his “crime” and his rightful title.

“King of the Jews.”

While people scoffed at him, ridiculed him to his face, those that followed him all the days of his earthly ministry knew that he was the extremist that Reverend King spoke of; Jesus was a man of love, truth, and goodness.

What a way to be remembered.

It seems fitting that Jesus would be remembered this way. He lived out his message. He walked the walk right after he talked the talk. He said, if you follow me, do it. Act this way. Live according to this law. And then he showed us all how.

“A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another.By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.”

John 13:34-35

It was Jesus command, maybe his last command to the disciples before his death. Love. Love one another. The people in your inner circle of friends. The people that up your family. The people in your spiritual communities. The people in your communities, the towns and cities that you live in. The people that live and make up your countryman.


Show them love. Tell them the truth. Speak of and , share all the of the gospel message of Jesus with them. In this way, you will show them love.

Show them love. Be to them. whether they stay in your life or they make a quick exit, do all you can to them. In this way, you will show them love.

While King’s realization about Jesus is true of the man from Galilee, I wonder if it will be true of me when I die. How will I be remembered?

Will it be said of me that I was a man of love, truth, and goodness, like my Lord and Savior, Jesus?

Will it be said of me that I walked the walk and talked the talk of Jesus, day in and day out, with family and stranger?

Will it be said of me that my life honoured the living memory of that one man crucified on Calvary’s hill?

What about you? What will they say about you?

Let us prayerfully consider our actions; whether they are deeds of love, truth, and goodness.

Let us prayerfully consider our words; whether they are seasoned with love, truth, and goodness.
This article first appeared on Thought Sandbox.

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