Old Montague Street Student Accommodation

London needs over 30,000 new homes every year for the next 15 years to keep up with the demand from the people who wish to live and work in the city. Despite good housing output, figures published by the GLA show that there is a huge deficit in the number of affordable homes being produced, particularly larger homes.

London needs over 30,000 new  homes every year for the next 15  years to keep up with the demand  from the people who wish to live and  work in the city. Despite good  housing output, figures published  by the GLA show that there is a huge  deficit in the number of affordable  homes being produced, particularly  larger homes.

A  shortage of bricks  is often cited  as the main reason why developers are  looking at new methods of   to answer the demand  for new homes. But brick is a major  part of the London urban  environment; planners often insist  on this most familiar of materials,  homeowners its solid  dependability. Therefore masonry is  also becoming a modern technology  to overcome the lack of skilled  craftsmen available. Several  companies have developed brickslip  cladding systems which look  like solid brickwork but need much  less skill to install. Glued brickwork  is another innovative approach  introduced from Europe whose thin  mortar joints produce a new sharper  continental aesthetic.
Old Montague Street Student Accommodation

Old Montague Street Accommodation

This Hall of Residence containing 219 Study bedrooms is set in the vibrant east end of London, just a few minutes walk from the Whitechapel Road the famous Brick Lane. The scheme consists of cluster flats of 6/7 bedrooms each sharing a kitchen, arranged over three floors above basement and ground floor commercial and ancillary accommodation. Provision of a formal courtyard for all access together with the vertical grouping of amenity space is an inherent part of the design. The accommodation is composed of offsite prefabricated pods which were brought to site finished with all fittings and fixtures clad with thin brick slip cladding.

Clients:  Shaftesbury Housing Group  and  The London Institute

Architect:  T P Bennett

Principal Supplier:  Hanson Plc

Location:  Don Gratton House, 82 Old Montague St, London E1 5NN


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