5 Ways To Stay Faithful In Your Faith

Nowadays, it’s easy to forget about our faith, since our busy lives and the negativity have taken over, with people dying, many wrongdoings, and sin being evident everywhere we look. Plus, it’s hard to tell who are friends are, especially when someone whom we’re supposed to trust doesn’t really feel accountable for anything”¦ or anyone. […]

Daily Devotional Faith

Remember God’s Promises

This year things have not gone the way anyone expected. When things don’t go the way you planned, or something unexpected happens, how do you respond? Do you start expecting the worst, or do you go to God’s Word and remind yourself of His promises?  Faith comes by hearing the Word of God. Faith activates […]


Justin Bieber Drops a Kanye Bombshell as He Opens up about Leading Worship

Justin tells TMZ … singing in front of his church was more nerve-racking than singing in front of a crowd of thousands.


Again I Ask, Do We?

Do we blame the weak mother who stayed with the alcoholic father and allowed it to happen?


Are You the Sheep of God’s Pasture?

Those who are familiar with sheep, however, can tell you there are two basic sheep personalities: those which understand the protection of their shepherd and will follow him anywhere, and those that are rebellious, wild and just plain dumb.

Science and Technology Video

View of Earth at Night from Space

Amazing Earth at Night Video from Space

Faith Life Marriage & Family

Marriage 2.0: Software Review

A newly married man wrote this to a computer *Data Analyst*.


A Compendium of Project Management Humour to Make You Laugh

Being able to lighten up and see the funny side might not seem important. But being able to laugh at yourself and at life is lifelong protection against depression, anxiety, and anger – all toxic emotions.

Career Life

Successful People Always Leave the Office on Time?

Our 9-to-5 grind has produced a cult of workaholics. And regrettably, the eight to twelve hour workday hasn’t shifted in years.

Maker News

The New Day: How Should I Think About My Failures?

The New Day was a British compact daily newspaper published by Trinity Mirror, launched on 29 February 2016. It was aimed at a middle-aged female audience, and was politically neutral. The editor, Alison Phillips, intended readers to get through the newspaper in under 30 minutes.

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