How Different Are You From the World

How Different Are You from the Rest of the World?

Christians come in all shapes and sizes. They pursue practically the same diversity of occupations and interests as everyone else. They have political and economic opinions. Most of them spend their working lives balancing budgets, living in suburbia, paying off mortgages, raising kids (or electing not to have them) and generally coping from the cradle to the grave. So how unique are Christians compared to the rest of the world?

Who is to Blame?

Again I Ask, Do We?

Do we blame the weak mother who stayed with the alcoholic father and allowed it to happen?

You Need to Stop Pointing That Finger

You Need to Stop Pointing That Finger

We live in an age of finger-pointing. However, you can’t point your finger at someone without pointing at yourself. Try it right now. Extend your index finger and thumb in a pointing position away from you, and then notice in which direction the other three fingers are pointing. They point directly back at you.