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The Ungodly American

Pastor Joel Osteen is the Donald Trump of prosperity Christianity. Both live in mansions and both are unapologetically wealthy.


Higdon Name Meaning & Higdon Family History

Delicate, rare and striking – forgotten photographs of black Britons in the late 19th and early 20th century have been unearthed from the depths of the Hulton Archive — one of the world’s oldest and largest archives holding over 80 million images.


Don’t Be a Superstitious Christian

A single magpie is “one for sorrow”, don’t open umbrellas indoors, don’t walk under a ladder. its seven years’ bad luck if you break a mirror, don’t spill salt and always remember to walk away from that black cat.


Can Rock Star Alice Cooper Really Be A Christian?

The shock-rock star was brought up as a pastor’s kid. But his later stage shows, which featured electric chairs, fake blood and snakes were designed to shock. In the 1970s Cooper became addicted to drugs and alcohol.

Culture Faith

32 Quotes That Perfectly Explain Racism (To People Who Don’t “See Color”)

Martin Luther King Jr. famously said in 1963, “It is appalling that the most segregated hour of Christian America is eleven o’clock on Sunday morning.” Fifty years later this remains true as churches lag behind schools, businesses, military, and almost every other institution in escaping old taboos about mixing the races.


Can the Real Project Manager Please Stand Up?

One very serious problem plaguing the project management Industry is the lack of “effective” Project Managers.