Prayer for the New Year (14/17)

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Our Father and our , as we stand at the beginning of this new year we confess our need of Your presence and Your guidance as we face the future. In the midst of life’s uncertainties in the days ahead, please assure us of the certainty of Your unchanging love. In the midst of life’s temptations and the pull of our stubborn self-will, us not to lose our way but to have the courage to do what is right in Your sight, regardless of the cost. And in the midst of our daily preoccupations and pursuits, open our eyes to the sorrows and injustices of our hurting , and help us to respond with compassion and sacrifice to those who are friendless and in need. We pray for our nation and its leaders during these difficult times, and for all those who are seeking to bring peace and justice to our dangerous and troubled . As we look back over this past year we thank You for Your goodness to us far beyond what we have deserved. May we never presume on Your past goodness or forget all Your mercies to us, but may they instead lead us to repentance, and to a new commitment to make You the foundation and center of our lives this year.
In Jesus’ name Amen

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