More of you LORD (19/30)

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More of you LORD
Pour out Your Spirit
Upon me now
Refresh me
Anoint me
With your Oil of Joy
For You are Steadfast
A Strong Tower
Oh these days
Full of trouble
They rumble
Darkness rises
More of you LORD
Light of the
Open doors
Which you
Swing wide
Open your Gates
Your arms
I welcome you
King of Glory
More of you LORD
Speak LORD
For I am your servant
I want to hear your voice
Fresh Words
Words of Your counsel
Wisdom like rubies
More of you LORD
Maker of Heaven and
I adore you
I you Father
I welcome you
Holy Spirit
Open the Gates
Fling wide the doors
Let the King of Glory
My heart is yours
More of you LORD!

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Written by Jacqui Julyan

I live in Cornwall, England and have done so for the last twenty-one years. I moved with my mother and daughter in 1997 from Nottingham. It is here in Cornwall God still continues to do His greatest healing in my life. I live in a small bedsit with my now elderly dog Cindy.

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