This is the Day
This is the Day
That the LORD has made
We will rejoice and be glad in it!
Yes, this Day and every Day
All of the Days of life are His
Though pagans rejoice
Though pagans believe their gods
Creating celebrations to their gods
For we know and can testify to the truth
That the god of this world is Satan
Who blinds the eyes of those who
Love to possess the things of this world
The lusts of the flesh, the pride of life
All things are vanity truth is all but clear to see
God is true and every man a liar!
The people of all nations are without excuse
They choose their own destination which
As the song of the spiritually dead sing
Is a ‘Highway to Hell’
Yet, to all who bow the knee
To all who humble themselves
Unto the Almighty God and repent
A glorious life awaits
All transgressions
Every blot
Every stain
Even the ignorance of your ways
Unto the LORD
Are forever removed!
They are cast into the sea of
Oh! The riches
The kindness
The mercy of the LORD
Who is the Maker of heaven and earth
He who was from the Beginning
Is now and shall be forever and ever…..Amen!
Praise Be to His Glorious Name!
So come dear saints lift up your feeble arms
Lift them straight up to the Heavens
For He is Worthy to be praised
Indeed the angels cry!
‘Holy’ ….. ‘Holy’ …… ‘Holy’
The Father sits on the Throne
His Son,
Jesus at His Right Hand
Oh Glory! due to Him
Who was and is and is to come!
Come saints let us glorify the LORD together!
One Day we shall leave this earth
He will come as promised
For His Bride
So very soon!
So very soon!
For we are clothed in white clothing
We will live with the One
Whose Light will never go out!
Praise His Glorious Name!
We praise you LORD
We praise your Glorious Name
For this is Your Day
You have made everything beautiful
Yes, in Your time
Let us rejoice always and be glad in it!
We remember Your promises O God!
For they are written
We delight in your Word
We delight to do your Will O God!
For your Word is a lamp
A light unto our path
We LORD are victorious in you this Day
And every Day!
Thank you Jesus!
Thank you for your sacrifice!
Thank you for your Love!
Such is your Mercy
Such is His Love
Such is His Kindness
Those who are far off
Those who are near
For the Father of Lights
Is ready with open arms to receive you
Your sins covered, laid upon Jesus
Upon His Cross
Oh what a price Jesus brought for you!
At no cost!
For this, money cannot buy!
It is all paid for!
Bought with His sinless blood
Come …… Come …… to Him
And you shall be forever with Him in
For truly this and every Day
Belongs to Him who is Alpha and Omega
He is the Beginning and the End
He is the LORD Almighty
The One and Only God
Even the demons know this and tremble
For their demise is settled
Their time is running out
Let us bow down with contrite hearts
Before Our God!
Then we will teach sinners His Ways
LORD Jesus Come!
May your will be done on earth
As it is in heaven
For yours is the Kingdom
For yours is the Power
For yours is the Glory!
Forever and ever!