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It may come as a surprise to some of you — especially given the content we already put out — but we’re all part-time. But we love what we do, and we want to do more of it, perhaps even one day we can make Godinterest our day job!

But it costs money to be where we are, and a part of this industry. The access we have is terrific, but we’re not all from London and that’s where it all happens.

We already run the site on little to no adverts, but your support means we can be self-sustainable for the long-term future. People always tell us how much they like our site and what we’re doing, so we’re asking for help to enable us to go further, be better, and do more.

The thing is, even a single dollar or pound helps us massively. If everyone who watched, read, or listened to our content gave that much, we’d easily make enough for a couple of full-timers, and maybe more. But just sharing our content, subscribing to our YouTube channel or Podcast helps, as does leaving a comment, even if it’s a silly throwaway one. Please, don’t be the person who thinks “someone else will do it”, and the reason we’re reaching out to our audience is that we are approaching a level we cannot sustain for the long term.

Help us create fun, original content, that is both what we want to make, and what you want to consume.


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