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  • Revelations is a
    book of the Bible that used to strike fear in me whenever I would read it. Of
    course,  I was either not Christian or
    knew that I was not right with GOD at the time. Now, it fills me […]

    • Believing in a reincarnate man that can save you is not redemption but foolhardy. You do not understand the images of human nature and they penchant for mythical deities that appear before them. I follow the Father of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. You follow and hire the priests to gain your redemption you’re deluding yourself. In the night your wounds come back to visit you in your bedchambers. You still sit by the pools of Bethesda and think miraculous things occur.

  • We have been become
    so accustomed to TV preachers that sugarcoat everything or take things out of
    context, that a Christian needs to switch the ‘looking box’ off and get stuck
    in the Bible to drown out the filth. […]

  • Faith is a
    beautiful virtue to have. By it, we believe in our Saviour and are saved from
    the sentence of death. However, to be fruitful in our walk with Christ, we have
    to add several other qualities to it that […]

  • Being Christian is like living in an action movie- there is never a dull moment. You’re either being chased or standing your ground against the enemy, dodging spiritual bullets, fighting evil spirits, all while […]

  • There is truly only one type of Christian, and that is the type who lives by GOD’S Word and obeys Him in everything, no matter the circumstance. However, let’s be honest here: how many of us can say that we live […]

  • Time is something that we have no control over. We can use it well or waste it, but we cannot get it back. Many people believe that they have all the time in the world to live their lives the way that they want […]

  • The Equality Act, a bill that is said to protect LGBTQ people from discrimination in the workplace, public accommodations, and various other settings, was just passed on Friday 17th May 2019.

    The reasoning […]

  • Have you ever felt
    invisible at times, as though the world could carry on normally without you in
    it? Perhaps you believe that you do not have a purpose in this world, or that
    time has passed you by, and you’re […]

  • Over two hundred
    churches attacked in France in the past two years, twenty of them burned to the
    ground. And now Notre Dame… what on earth is happening in France?

    I was channel
    surfing last month when I […]

  • Why is it so easy
    to believe the worst about ourselves? We so readily encourage other women, tell
    them that they are beautiful, intelligent, and special, but when it comes to
    ourselves, we find it challenging to […]

  • Life is challenging. It is always full of ups and downs that can make or break you. At times, our situations seem to back us into a corner, and that is when we are most likely to make the wrong decisions. However,…

    • I read as much as I could, I have a hard time reading long posts but, I understand and read sufficiently to tell you that I had the same experience with trials. I know why He allowed them for me. God always answers prayers. God Bless you.

  • There is a reality
    to be faced, and it is not something that we should worry about, but neither
    should we take it lightly. While we go about living our everyday lives, we are
    mostly oblivious of the eye that is…

  • Children are
    moulded and shaped to become whatever their environment dictates, be it one of
    love or hate. They have also always been targets of people in positions of
    influence and power who want to condition their…

  • Christianity has
    taken on many forms in past centuries. It started out with righteous purpose,
    but people soon realised that there was power to be had, and they took it. Fast
    forward to the present, and we have…

    • Jesus the Aramaic was a man, Christianity made him some god. It’s all about your family not joining another man’s family or church

  • Christian values
    and beliefs have come under fire for centuries, but our present times have seen
    such opposition that can have a person’s head reeling from the forceful nature
    of it. We have been told that it is…

    • Homosexuality is anal sex if you can justify this as being normal. Animals in the wild do not have anal sex so this is against the Laws of Nature not my laws but laws nonetheless. Hence the name sodomites .

    • My Father does not care who you have sex with. My Father is only concerned with what Father do you serve?
      Christians serve the Body of The Trinity, AMEN. ANU the Pharaoh of Supreme Authority. ANU: AMEN Comes from the root word amen from the Ancient Semitic/ Hebrew 2000 BC. I came from the wilderness surrounded by the 3 rivers surrounded by 3 Mountain ranges, [Gen.2.] Pharaohs worship the Goat Head, an Islam they have intercourse with the goats and worship a black rock in Mecca. You worship and kneel before Rome, the trinity.
      Three were thrown into the fires, the fourth one standing is you. Which Father do you Serve? The one who made you a virgin female in Gen or the one that took your virginity when he placed man east of the Garden?

    • Common sense what did you think they did. Hold hands and swap spit.

  • None of us can run away from doubt, it is always hot on our heels. There is good doubt, the type that keeps you out of trouble, and there is bad doubt, the one that puts you in trouble. The problem is, we tend to…

    • It is a matter of what words you hold in your hands institutionalized or common sense either one marks you hands. In the center of your heart. A transfiguration of one word for another word.

  • We hear about the
    saying ‘age ain’t nothing but a number’, but that only seems to apply to some
    situations. When you’re a single woman past the age of twenty-five, your age
    becomes a topic of discussion, especially…

  • The world went from
    calling a ‘clump of cells’ nonhuman, to allowing abortions when the clump of
    cells begins to ‘look human’, accepting third-trimester abortions, and now
    pushing for the termination of babies…

  • Disclaimer: I do
    not profess to teach or have any sort of authority over men. I share the Word
    of GOD and any matters of the world that directly applies to our lives and walk
    as Christians.

    Many churches […]

    • Can you show me where ‘socialism’ is a sinful practice? Surely the ‘all things held in common’ in Acts is one of the earliest examples of a non-capitalistic commune? As a European, I also really get annoyed at the idea that we are falling or flying apart; we’re doing just about the best on this planet in terms of life expectancy, health and educational standards! I would also declare morals too. Plenty of immorality in North America too, you know. :)

    • The balanced view is to start with the 10th Commandment,”Do not covet my house… that only occurs in a person when they regain their reasoning, common sense and realize that Jesus was not a Baptist, Lutheran, Roman Catholic or whatever of man’s religions they have come up with. God in the Garden of Eden, seven days of creation you and me never created a church building but a nuclear family that finds its redemption in one God not redemption within the walls of mans church but in the walls within my shelter.

    • Dear brother, when you are able to listen to reason and not political bias, I can debate with you. Until then, be happy in your ignorance and just follow Jesus, as I intend to do. Shalom.

    • Very interesting post sister. God Bless and keep up the good work. Miracles and Blessings

  • We are living in an age where anyone can call themselves a prophet, a teacher, a preacher or any other authority in the Christian body. All that is required is a silver tongue, charisma, and no conscience. Combine…

    • No person should proclaim themselves to be a pastor or apostle, but according to the Scriptures the true believer is to be an ambassador, to preach the Gospel and to teach others who have questions. Moreover, we all are saints and we all have a ministry.

      The fakes are easy to spot. Their words do not agree with the Word of God.

    • You said to Vic, “Your pastor or prophet will not give an account of your life to GOD…”


      Most certainly, those than have been given a position of leadership by God will give an an account of your life.

      ” Obey them that have the rule over you, and submit yourselves: for they watch for your souls, as they that must give account, that they may do it with joy, and not with grief: for that is unprofitable for you.” 

      • Yes, it should obvious to any believer that errant teachers will be held accountable for false doctrine, but there will be many things God will forgive due to ignorance.

        Then said Jesus, Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do.

    • Sorry, when I say ‘Pastor Michael’, I am just using an example. And where I say ‘you’, I do not mean to say that it is you that I am talking about. I wish to clarify this in case there was some confusion as to what I meant. Remain Blessed.

    • interesting post!

    • I’m sorry…but I can’t seem to find any verse that mentions a “five-fold” ministry.

      I will guess that it is yet another tradition of men extracted from Ephesians 4:11.

      It is a errant concept, because there are no apostles living today. Add to that, Ephesians 4:11 is the only time pastors are ever mention in the New Testament. Why? Because at that time the church did not have a completed text and it was necessary for someone to preach from the text that was available. We have a completed text now.

      In reality, we are all teachers! We are all evangelists! We all have a ministry!

      And all things are of God, who hath reconciled us to himself by Jesus Christ, and hath given to us the ministry of reconciliation; 

      If you have heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ, believed the Gospel of Jesus Christ and accepted the Gospel of Jesus Christ in your heart and mind as being the truth and profess Jesus Christ as your Savior….then you have a ministry.

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